TTCIH History

The Tanzanian training Centre for International Health [ TTCIH] history dates back to the1961 when the Rural Aid Centre [RAC] was opened, financed by the then Basle Foundation for Cooperation with Developing Countries and Supported by the then Swiss Tropical Institute. Since its existence, has been embedded in a cluster of health organizations.

  • Saint Francis Referral Hospital [SFRH]
  • Ifakara Health Institute [IHI]
  • Ifakara Nursing School

This unique setting, in rural Tanzania, combines health-related research, training and medical practice in1973, the RAC was transformed into a Medical Assistant Training Centre [MATC], and in 1978 handed by the Basle Foundation over to the Tanzanian Ministry of health. I1994 it became a Clinical Officers Training Centre [COTC]. Between 1961 and 2005, the Centre trained 1,706 health professionals.

During the 1990s, owing to poor management and infrastructure maintenance, the training Centre fell into decline in a joint effort, the Ministry of health and social Welfare, the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute [with funding support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and SolidarMed and specialized consultants], committed to comprehensively remodeling the center. In2006 the training Centre was inaugurated as the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health [TTCIH] with an Assistant Medical Officer [AMO] training programmer [with bed side and on – job training at the saint Francis Hospital] an improved management structure, additional income sources and Maintenance unit.

Since2006 ,the TTCIH has built expertise in the provision of quality training courses, developing human resources for health and strengthening the quality of health services in Tanzania and beyond.