Diploma in Health Information Science

Diploma in Health Information Science (HIS). This is in addition to the current programmes - Ordinary Diploma to Clinical Medicine (three years course) and Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine (one year upgrading course from Clinical Assistant to Clinical Officer).

HIS Objectives

The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Equip students with the appropriate basic knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to Health Information Science practice;
  • Promote professional ethical practice and medico-legal aspects of health records and information;
  • Promote creativity and innovation in response to challenges associated with health information management practice, training and healthcare delivery;
  • Promote teamwork culture, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in Health Information Science;
  • Promote a good sense of citizenship, accountability and responsibility to graduates;
  • Develop life-long learning behaviour for health information science personnel and advancement of the profession;
  • Provide a wider outlook of the learning content and context to increase learners' advantages into local, regional and international labour markets;
  • Organise and coordinate health management information systems available in the country, such as District Health Information System2 (DHIS2) Training Institution Information System(TIIS), Human Resource for Health Information System(HRHIS


Upon completion of study, a graduate will be capable of working in:

  • Health Records Department/Unit/Section (Referral Hospital, Regional Hospitals, District Hospital, Health Centres and any other health Institutions)
  • Health information Resource Centre (National Hospital, Referral Hospital, Regional Hospitals, District Hospital, Health Centres, Dispensaries and any other health Institutions).
  • Health Management Information Systems Department/Unit at District, Regional and National level.

Programme duration

The study is on full-time basis of which will take Three (3) years to completion.

Admission Requirement

Admission to Basic Technician Certificate in Health Information Science programme will be open to a candidate who has a minimum of four passes in Biology, English, Mathematics and any other subject, except Religious subjects, all obtained from Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE).